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Lawrence's real name should have been Chapman, as his father was an Irish landowner in co. Westmeath and who was to inherit the Chapman baronetcy. But because father had all Chapman daughters, and all his Lawrence sons were illegitimate the baronetcy became extinct on his death.

The Chapman family arrived in Ireland with the 16th/17th Munster Plantations, having it is believed originated in Devon. My above titled book published in 2000 attempts to detail all this, and convincingly puts straight the family legend that it was descended from Sir Walter Raleigh, though it was distantly related.

This is an A5 size paperback, of 153 pages, plus 8 pages of b/w illustrations, with colour covers. Extensive Bibliography.

Although out-of-print, it may well be obtainable on the internet.


Have you ever wondered what decorations, etc. Lawrence obtained during his service in the Army and R.A.F.? Everything you need to know could well be found in my 2006 publication with the above title.
It is a 40-page stapled A5 paperback, plus 8 pages of illustrations (4 in colour).
It describes Lawrence's gazetted and other awards; how they were gained (and dramatically refused at a private audience with King George V). Also considers other spurious awards. Includes updated and new details not included in the first edition of 1989.
Costs £4-00 plus postage & packing. Can be obtained and paid for through ebay and PayPal.

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T.E.Lawrence and Thomas Hardy - their friendship

Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935) also known as 'Lawrence of Arabia', when he was posted to the Bovington Tank Depot in Dorset in 1923, met Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) the Dorset novelist and poet at his Dorchester home of Max Gate. They became great friends, and after Hardy's death Lawrence kept a correspondence with Hardy's widow Florence.
This story has been extensively researched by Ronald Knight, who has written and privately published limited editions of: COLONEL T.E.LAWRENCE (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA) VISITS MR & MRS THOMAS HARDY (1985); T.E.LAWRENCE AND THE MAX GATE CIRCLE (1988) with a second revised edition in 1995. Enough further information has since been amassed to warrant yet another revised edition.
Although the above publications are out-of-print, copies may possibly be obtainable on the internet through ebay, abebooks, etc.