Tuesday, 11 May 2010


  One day in the late 1960s or early 1970s I picked up from off a pavement in Weymouth a piece of paper with writing on it. With feint lines it looked to have come from a small writing pad. It contained the following untitled, unsigned poignant poem, obviously written by a young hand, in extremely neat writing. It was found along a route travelled by pedestrian teenage students from a nearby Technical College. Whether it was written by a boy or girl is difficult to say, though I am inclined to the latter. Was it dropped by the writer or recipient? It was a seemingly inadvertent action for the paper had just one fold, and was not screwed up as it might have been if being thrown away. What happened to either of them?
  Although not a masterpiece, though with some clever rhyming, it nevertheless touched me such that I could not in turn dispose of it. After all this time I am taking the liberty of publishing the poem in case by chance the writer recognises it, and may wish to have it returned.

I told this heart of mine
Our love could never be;
And then I hear your voice,
And something stirs inside of me.
Somehow I cant dismiss
The memory of your kiss.
Yes, my heart has a mind of its own,
No matter what I do.
No matter what I say,
No matter how I try,
I just cant turn the other way.
When I'm with someone new,
I always think of you.
Yes my heart has a mind of its own.
Your not in love with me,
So why cant I forget
I'm just your used to be.
Its wrong, and yet
I know forgetting you
Would be a hopeless thing,
For I'm a puppet
and I just cant seem to break the string.
I say I'll let you go,
And then my heart say's "No".
Yes my heart has a mind of it's own.

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